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Survival is a game for a group of people (8 to 30; 10 years and older) designed to increase the players' awareness for the environment, the potential causes for problems, and for the important factors necessary for humans to survive on this planet. The concept for Survival is based on a very popular social game called “Werewolf” or “Mafia”. Read more ...


Story Line

In a solar system at the fringes of a galaxy far, far away is a planet currently friendly to the sustained existence of life. This planet is inhabited by intelligent bipeds (they call themselves “humans”) who have developed habits that threaten the survival of the species.

Most of the time those “humans” just go about their business without thinking much about the consequences of their actions. Read more ...


Information for Teachers

Survival was developed to playfully introduce students to environmental science, begin discussions of the negative and positive impacts of human actions (or inactions), discover global connections, etc. You can even play it to practice a foreign language or use it in your social science class to prime a discussion.

The game was played with many students and adults alike. The reviews have been great. Even more importantly, the feedback I recieved from the students indicates that they recognize what I hoped they would.

Survival is available for FREE, but once you have started playing you may want to purchase the game. Your students will want to play it a lot!

Shielded Earth


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"I liked this game because you learn what things we need to live on this planet and what things we need to cut down on or bring to a stop totally, or else we will destroy our planet. "

"The evil forces in the game are factors that are slowly killing our world not just in the game. They are real problems."

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